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Romance and "Sabor" with
Grupo Niche in Seattle

By: Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Juan Carlos Gonzalez

This past December 1st, Seattle enjoyed a lovely salsa evening at the hands of the “Kings of Romantic Salsa”, Grupo Niche, direct from Colombia.

With the occasion of celebrating its twenty fifth year of musical history, the Colombian salsa band included Seattle as one of the destinations of its tour of the West Coast of the United States. Given they are one of the most renowned salsa bands in Latin America, Grupo Niche’s musical presentation afforded an unforgettable night for all those lucky enough to be present.

The show began with the talent of a local salsa group from Seattle: Steve Guasch & Su Orquesta Nueva Era. Their presentation delighted the audience with a combination of classic “Salsa de Timbales” and romantic songs from its latest production “Siguiendo la Tradicion”. Nueva Era succeeded in building-up the general spirit at the Showbox as it opened its doors to Seattle rumberos at eight o'clock.

Charlie Cardona
Salsa dancing
Grupo Niche
Grupo Niche

The Orquesta Nueva Era’s show demonstrated once again that there is Salsa of great quality in Seattle, ready to perform in any city in the US or internationally. Its members, Puerto Ricans, Venezuelan and Americans form a versatile, well coordinated group. And as the name of its last production “Siguiendo la Tradicion” suggests, it is exactly this kind of Salsa that Nueva Era produces… Salsa of deep tradition.

But the night was not just Salsa, DJ Manny was also quite an attraction. With his Latin rhythm mixes, he got everybody to dance to the latest hits. Lively Merengue and contagious Reggaeton were the other options for the Seattle dancers. The good atmosphere on the floor could not be ignored. People of all ages, couples, small groups and a diversity of nationalities were ready for the impending live presentation of Grupo Niche. As it was expected, the Hispanic community, mostly Colombian and Mexican, led the way dancing their unique style of salsa with grace and flavor. Flags, hats, ethnic dress were abundant as various members of the audience used outfits to distinguish their cultural roots. Another important trend was confirmed that night: day by day Salsa continues to win over fans from all parts of the world; not just Latin Americans, but salsa enthusiasts from any region imaginable. Languages, races and cultures from all over the world were mixed, all with the same desire and with one thing in common: the love for Salsa.

Salsa in Seattle
Grupo Niche
Salsa dancing
Grupo Niche from Colombia

Finally, as expected, Niche opened the evening with one of its classics “Cali Pachanguero”. Screams, applauses and tremendous passion was ignited from the first song and lasted throughout the night up until the end of the concert. Couples were dancing, perhaps reminiscing when they met each other dancing to that song. “Se Parecio tanto a Ti”, “Una Aventura”, “Gotas de Lluvia”, among others were the most requested hits. However, Niche didn’t forget the dancer as they played up-beat songs such as “Cali Aji”. Being Colombian, Grupo Niche naturally delighted us with some Cumbia as well. And they couldn’t go without greeting various Latin American countries; one by one they went mentioning the places visited during their long musical history. Then we experienced one of the most exciting moments of the night when they interpreted “Mexico, Mexico”. It was this song with which they expressed their gratefulness to the public that has been important for their career. As expected, Mexicans danced, sang and enjoyed this beautiful song, as they traveled briefly around the different regions of their country through this song.

Little by little the end of the presentation was soon approaching. Interchanging between Salsa and Cumbia, Niche made us recall good times with its music.

In summary, the night was loaded with local Salsa by Steve Guasch and Su Orquesta Nueva Era, DJ Manny with his mixes of Merengue, Bachata and Reggaeton, and concluding with the stellar presentation of the Grupo Niche. Thanks to Alou Entertainment and Salsarengue Promotions the city of Seattle again, lived another great night of concerts as the year 2006 comes to an end. The Showbox, full in its capacity, opened its doors again for the satisfaction of the Puget Sound people, lovers of Afro-Caribbean rhythms.

Grupo Niche
Grupo Niche
Grupo Niche from Colombia

Backstage, Grupo Niche also thanked to the public of Seattle, as they told us about the tour and its next stop in San Francisco and Los Angeles; and later on, its trip back to South America with a final 2006 presentation at the Cali Fair in Colombia. They also recognized the support of AmericaSalsa adding that they, as well as for other artists, appreciate the promotion of Latin rhythms by this web portal. And they cordially invited all who visit the website and to become a member of the Americasalsa club! Without a doubt, Niche was motivated to visit the city of Seattle again and to continue to be in contact with its fans through

Here in Seattle, satisfied by another great presentation, we look forward to other clubs that open their doors to our international salsa artists. Once again, AmericaSalsa recognizes the talent of the local bands, the spirit of the DJs and the effort of promoters such as Alou Entertainment and Salsarengue Promotions that give us the opportunity to enjoy these great events.

So salsamigos, remember to stay in touch, we will continue reporting other Salsa activities in and around Seattle and the Northwest.

December 2006

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