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Voz a Voz


Voz a Voz is pop, rhythm, and bachata layered over thought-provoking lyrics performed
in three-part harmony.  The group offers its public a sound that is fresh and modern.    Voz a Voz is without a doubt the future of Latin Pop and bachata music.

Formed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Voz a Voz consists of: Gilberto César D' OleoGio”, David  Rosario Pimentel and now, Ronny Mercedes.

It is not an easy task to identify the music that has influenced Voz a Voz.  While Gio makes reference to Ricardo Arjona and Joaquin Sabina, David references the Bee Gees and Nathan Morris, and Ronny remembers Marc Anthony, Luis Miguel, and Christian Castro. They produce a blend of pop and R&B they call "Passion Pop". Beyond the trio’s vocal harmonies, each member is an accomplished singer with range and control.

In November 2006 the group launched their CD “En Presencia del Futuro. It was accredited gold for selling more than 100,000 copies in USA & Puerto Rico and was retired in a special format:  “En Presencia del Futuro:  Gold Edition”

The production contains the same songs from their original album with new versions of the international hit song “UN PEDACITO DE NAVIDAD” including the participation of the six timer Grammy winner Jose Feliciano. As a result of the success obtained by this previous release, Voz a Voz was nominated for two Billboard Latin Music awards in 1997, including Album of the Year and Best New Artist.

Their second musical production, titled “UNREACHABLES”, confirmed that they are by far the best vocalists of the genre, mixing and exchanging their vocals as no one else can. This album was produced by Voz a Voz and Martires de Leon in New York City, Santo Domingo and Los Angeles. 

Their new musical production, “El Mundo Gira”, under  the record label ZMG (Zamora Musical Group) and produced by Gilberto D’Oleo and Israel Kelly in New York City, mixes bachata, pop and other tropical rhythms . This new album contains the two most important and essential ingredients for a successful album: great songs and excellent vocal interpretations.  “El Mundo Gira”  consists of 12 excellent tracks, composed by Gilberto D’Oleo (“El Mundo Gira”, “Me Duele Tanto”, “No Es Necesario, Si Tu Te Vas De Mi, Cuatro Dias Sin Ti, Me Duele Tanto”), Michael Figueroa  (“Lloro”, “Quedate”), Israel Kelly  (“Angel”), Manny Barreto and Ronny Mercedes(“Me Puedo Enamorar”), M.A. Echevarria/C.A. Peralta (“Cuando En El Silencio”) and  a bachata version of Ricardo Arjona’ hit  “Como Duele”. The album’s first promotional single is “Cuando En Silencio”. 



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